Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ladies in red.

Hannah was the youngest lady to join us that day. We always have Nimz and vinz come over to our home and Hannah enjoyed those days.The speech therapists used every opportunity to work on her speech and look who she has grown into!

Who is "cuter"?

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Inside the bubble

Hannah inside a life size bubble on a birthday party.
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With Nimmy chechi

I love you nimmy chechi.

And a special kiss for you!

Learning to swim... to the other shore??

" Ammae I am scared..I don't want to learn it..Let me go.."

" This feels good"

" Ah... This is so much better..."

Cool Picture

On Hannah's fourth birthday.
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"Look here, everyone"

Ladies are gathered around in a room, after a function at Pastor Valson's home, when suddenly everyone's attention is on Hannah. She is 2 years and 8 months in this picture.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

With cousin Joanna

Hannah loved to match colors. Cousin Joanna was the first baby Hannah got to hold. She loved feeding and holding her baby cousin.
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Practicing to feed

Hannah 21 months old!
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Farmer Hannah had many friends.....

Pre-K years- Hannah with her friends Rhema and Isabella
Hannah dressed a farmer for school- Harvest festival 2007

christmas 2006

She loved her Appa (Daddy)and always worried why her Appa could drink soda and not her. She named her Appa "Pepsi boy" after seeing her Appa gulping Pepsi down when she had to work on her milk.
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Breakfast battle

"Thats enough" was Hannah's motto when it comes to Breakfast, lunch or dinner. This picky eater would eat only couple of things to her hearts contend- chicken curry/ chicken nuggets and water melon.
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Bubble(ing) Bath

Hannah had lots of fun with her cousins in the summer of 2006. She remembered the popcorn night and the bubble bath and cherished those memories very much.
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Pony Ride

This was one of Hannah's passions. She fell in love with pony's and horses after this ride.
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Popcorn/Movie night

Hannah is enjoying a movie with her cousins. Summer 06.
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Make Believe

This picture was taken at a hands on museum in Michigan. Hannah has a smile on this one as she is pretending to be injured and is taken in an ambulance as you can see. About two years after this picture was taken, on July 23, 2008, Hannah was again taken like this, only this time she had no smiles.
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