Thursday, April 22, 2010

Motherhood is not about me!

I had been away for almost a year from the blogosphere. I thought of posting a lot of times but I had come to a place where there was nothing more to add, nothing more to say...

I started blogging to vent my feelings about Hannah and possibly to encourage someone else in their trials. I came to a point where I was completely at peace with my maker and there was no more venting. So this post is no venting... nothing about reflecting on our times with Hannah.

This is an update about what the Lord has been doing in our life.

My blog started on Sep 20 th 2008. Two months after Hannah passed away. Little did I know that time, a year from then I would be holding an infant in my hand. On Sep 21st 2009, Daniel was born. We had moved to a new home just 3 weeks before Daniel was born. Abigail is now the big sister, taking Hannah's place, in her absence. Abigail is 2 years and 4 months today and Daniel is 7 months today. Abigail knows Hannah very well and talks about Hannah gone to sleep and that she is with Jesus. I wish to train their hearts in the ways of our Lord and teach them His ways.

Just recently I heard from a godly lady about motherhood. she says,

"Here's what I beleive God wants all of us women to come to: Motherhood is not an image we are to uphold. We are not to make MOTHERHOOD (even Christian motherhood) our identity. We are not to possess our children for US. We need to raise them in the fear of the Lord without our own HEARTS becoming attached to them for selfish reasons. "

"Not to make motherhood as our identity"- now, that is mind blogging! I always thought, motherhood was my identity along with being a wife. It takes immense trust in God and denying my self to say I do not make motherhood my identity for selfish reason. My children do not exist to make me happy but for me to train them in the ways of the Lord. I have committed my life for this purpose. May God help me to do it well.

I thank my God for all these ways he is taking me through. May your name be glorified O Lord!