Monday, March 9, 2009

In the pursuit of His glory

Let me start of by apologising for lack of posts these days. Abigail transitioned from 2 naps a day to single nap which gives mom just enough time to catch up with the bare essentials of life. So blogging has been on the back burner for all these days. While I was away, I had been thinking much about writing a post on pursuit.

Any one who has received a mail from me in the recent past must have come across this signature "in the pursuit of His glory". This is something that has been in my mind for quite some time now. I have meditated much on this little phrase. At one point I even re dedicated my life for this pursuit. This is how I want to live. Everything I do, must be counted towards His glory. All the trials and difficulties must manifest His glory. Every desire must be delightful and God honoring and bring much glory to God. My life should center around his throne in the pursuit of his glory.

I even found a verse that echoes with this desire of mine. It is Isiah 26;8

The desire of our soul is for Your name
And for the remembrance of You.

When my life is summed up, I want everyone to remember that it was a life spend in the pursuit of His glory. When I lie in my coffin (unless I am taken away in rapture) I want to reflect glory to God. I wish my head stone would read ( If I have one) "In the pursuit of His glory".

There is nothing more worthy than living your life for the glory of God and counting it all joy what ever we endure.