Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remembering Hannah Today

When something that is received from the hands of a good God is perceived as bad or cannot be appreciated, there are two ways to cope with it. Either we can choose to trust in this God and say, " I know you are good but I'm struggling to trust you with this. Help my unbelief... increase my faith." Or we can give up on God and say, "You are not who you say you are," and be bitter the rest of our days.
It had been 5 years of consistently choosing God's goodness over our comfort. Five years of walking in the valley of shadow of death. Five years of relearning to build our lives again. Five years of fruitfulness from brokenness. Five years of God's faithful restoration. Five years of even trusting God while driving with little kids again.

Father, thank you for bringing Hannah home before us. We miss her but we know who she is with. We long to be with you and her!

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