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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas gift left by Hannah

The week before Hannah passed away, she was attending VBS at the Calvary Chapel, South bay. On the last day I believe, she came home with a foil wrapped paper cup with a smiley face named Jesus going into the cup right through the middle of it. She kept it on the table and told us " This has to be opened only on Christmas day." It has been sitting there since then. After Hannah passed away we have all been taking guesses as to what it is. It might be something that Hannah wrote or some craft she did at the VBS or some ornament she made....or maybe even, there is nothing in it! On the side of the cup there is a sticker that says " I am a new creation" and on the top of the verse is a typed verse " I want to know Christ and the power of his Resurrection" signed Hannah. Anyways, I am counting days to see what Hannah has left for us this Christmas.
Who wants to take a guess? Nimmy..?
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Kristie said...

That is SO neat that you have a Christmas gift to open from her this Christmas. Amazing how God works. My guess is a bulb was planted and a beautiful flower or plant is going to be in there that blooms at Christmas time. I can't wait to see what it was. Do share once you open it.
Blessings - Kristie

Nimmy said...

Kristie, that would have been so nice..to have a little plant in her name that we could plant and nurture with all the love we saved up for her..Renju, i could only guess that it was a letter from Hannah to her family..but now that you know what it is,do share it here when u can.That's the last wisp of straw that she left for us.

HopeinChrist. said...

Yes, we opened the present. I am really sorry I cannot scan it in since we are away at Seattle. Anyways, it is something Hannah wrote and it is really sweet. As soon as I am back, I will scan it in so you all can see.

Kristie said...

That is SO neat! I'm so glad you were blessed with that this Christmas.

boommen said...

That is great, Renju! I'm so glad she left something for you all this Christmas - what an early gift! I would love to read that note :) Do share when you have time....