Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday wish, last wish.

Hannah celebrated her sixth birthday, hardly two months before her home going. I had asked her to give me a list of things she needed as gifts. She told me she wanted a purse and lot of 'make-ups' in it. We celebrated her birthday with Tres Leches cake and lots of gifts. Her grandparents bought her a dress, my mother send her a gift card, her best friend's mom gave her 'The littlest pet shop'.Laly aunty gave her books. She had two birthday celebrations. We celebrated with her friends at kid concepts U.S.A and at home with cake and gifts. I bought her a pink purse and filled it with goodies like nail polish, body spray, lip gloss, a pair of stockings, 3 bracelets. I also bought her a book- ' Because God gave us you'. Hannah was very excited about her gifts. She also loved the book. She made me read the book many times. It is the story of a Mama bear telling her little cub how excited she was from the time she conceived the Little cub and the Mama bear affirms her joy of having the little cub, by saying over and over again "because God gave us you." When the story closes the Mama bear tells the cub, " I wouldn't trade you for the world, because God gave us you." Hannah seemed to like that very much. That night when I put her to bed, she hugged me and said, " Amma, I wouldn't trade you for the world." I smiled and told her, "Hannah I wouldn't trade you for the world, because God gave us you."

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