Thursday, September 18, 2008

The important thing about us.

On July 23 rd morning, I gave Hannah some work to do before heading to the park with her. I gave her instructions on how to do the poem. The topic was ' The important thing about Neighbors'. Hannah did not write anything about neighbors, but what she wrote bring tears to our eyes. She starts off with how she likes to see her baby sister smile! Then as if to reassure everyone, her last poem was a love note to her Amma, Appa, Juju,Appacha and Ammachi. [Mom, Dad,Sister, Grandpa and Grandma]. At the end she wrote

"But the important thing about us is that we are moving."
In a few hours after writing this poem Hannah was certainly "moved".She was moved from her earthly tent to a better place. When we returned from the hospital that day after Hannah passed away, her pencil was still inside this book, all her books on the table, the cloring set under the table.. everything was intact... except she was "moved...."

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