Thursday, September 25, 2008


Posted by PicasaThis is another work Hannah did, during this summer. I like this one, because she is bidding good bye to her room, her swing set, her friends... and then the text says "I do not want to go."
The next paragraph brags about her new house and at the end it says " I am glad to be here."
What a truth this is to all of us here!!. When we are here, we do not want to go to our new home in heaven. But I am sure once we reach heaven, we will all say, "I am glad to be here!!" To leave her friends, was what she found bad about moving. To the question " what do you think is good about moving?" she says " Because we have a new home"
Hannah wrote all this without any help from me. We were planning to move from our present home and had booked a new home, some time back. Hannah was looking forward to move to this new home. Everything she wrote in this text was about moving to her new home. She was looking forward to moving. But her heavenly Father was building another home for her. She would never have wanted to move from here, had she known this. But I know for sure she must be saying now, " I am glad to be here." And must be waiting in eager expectation for all of us to get there.

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