Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hannah's Salvation Prayer.

The highlight of Hannah's life and death and the funeral service was a little piece of paper. The content of this paper spoke volumes to the many who came to visit us. From the responses we receive even today, we understand it has touched many lives. It inspired some to re dedicate their lives to Christ, many young children received Jesus into their lives as their Pastor or parents read the content to them. Yet, some struggle as they see this little piece of paper.

I remember like yesterday the day Hannah took this sheet to write down the most, most powerful words she ever wrote. It was exactly one month from her home going. As the day unfolded, I found myself sharing with Hannah about heaven and the need to be born again to enter heaven. I asked her if she was sure she would go to heaven, she said " I don't know". I told her if she had received Jesus into her life, she could be sure about this. She asked me how she could receive Jesus. There, near the counter top, I narrated to her a prayer. My intention was to say it first and then have her say it and write in down. As I was saying the prayer, without any prompting, I believe, she ran to get a piece of white sheet. She asked me to say it again and started scribbling down these words. After she finished writing it, I told her to put the date down. I helped her with the date and then knelt down beside her and took her in my hands and told her, "Hannah, if you sincerely prayed this prayer, I want you to know that you are born again. You have invited Jesus to your heart today. He will never leave you and today your name is written in the book of heaven. When you die, you will surely go to heaven." I told her never to forget this day and asked her to keep this in her Bible at all times. I also asked her to show it to her Dad. She ran downstairs with it and beamed with joy at her new creation. Her father in the midst of his work gave her a "proud of you!, look". I knew at that moment, her heavenly father must have marveled at her, His new creation!! God at that point must have known, Hannah was coming home exactly a month from that day.

I had told Hannah to keep this in her Bible. I saw Hannah intently reading this prayer couple of days after this incident. The next time I saw it, was when we went through her stuff the day after she died. I had forgotten about this incident and Hannah's grandmother reminded me about this prayer that she had written down. Together we went in search of this prayer and found it from her books. With trembling hands I opened it and read the prayer that once she prayed with me, there at the end was the date, 6/23/2008. At that moment without a shadow of doubt I knew God had orchestrated all the details of her very short life span for the glory of His name.

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