Thursday, September 25, 2008

Story or Future?

This is a very significant story Hannah wrote few weeks before her home going. This puzzled everyone who saw it. She talks about a girl named Abigail who loved the park and asked her parents to take her to the park. Then she goes on to say " There was one thing that was danger for her." When Hannah wrote this story I was quite amused at the ending and wanted to know what the danger was. So I asked her to complete the story. She had been working for sometime and wanted to do something else. She reluctantly agreed and took the pencil to write the next sentence. She wrote "There" and left that work undone. Hannah loved going to the park. One of the rewards for her, was always a trip to the park. I remember, once I had promised to take her to the park but I was very tired at the end of the day and wanted to rest. Hannah kept on 'claiming her promise', until I decided to change my mind and take her. As we walked to the park, she was affectionate towards me and started rubbing my hands and shoulders and said " Amma, are u tired? Can you walk? Its OK Amma, we will reach there soon."
On the way to her school is the Columbia park. She had never been there. Every time we drove to school, she would ask me," Amma, can you take me to this park, one day?" That day, on July 23rd, I requested off from work and was all excited to have a picnic with Hannah at the Columbia park. I never knew 'there was a danger for her' waiting us on that day.
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