Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday bash

This is the only birthday of Hannah's, we did not celebrate at a park. Since she was a memorial day baby, we always had our church picnic during memorial day and that's usually at a park. This time our church picnic got postponed to a later date and we decided to surprise Hannah by taking her to Kids concepts. We invited Sita, her sister Lakshmi and Isabella to play with her. The girls enjoyed thoroughly and Hannah had a bash!. This was a total surprise for Hannah. I had her eyes closed when we pulled into the parking of Kids concepts. I walked her towards the door with her eyes closed and opened her eyes just at the door. Her face lit up and as usual, she was super excited!!
We took this picture just before leaving. Hannah is putting horns on Sita's head.
That was her last birthday with all of us!
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