Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Graduate!!

This was taken a month before Hannah went to be with her Lord. As a mother I had taught Hannah a lot of things, from letters and numbers to scrpitures, etiquettes and morality. Though this graduation gives her a certificate on readiness for 1st grade, she was getting ready for much better things. How I wish, I knew through a dream or a vision at that point, that I would have her around for only one more month!!!Like my husband said, if I had known, I would have always tried to protect her and not enjoyed her. And she would have gone anyway.

Now, she has outlearned anyone here. What I started off as education and knowledge, my Lord has brought into perfection. She is perfected now. Bible says,when you see him, you shall be like him. Hannah is in glory now just like her Lord.
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Annie said...

Well said, and words of wisdom for parents!!! Thank you for sharing memories of Hannah with us. Your stories bring smiles, tears and more than anything hope in our Lord!!!