Saturday, October 25, 2008

I wish you were here!

I will live my life with your memories
Spoken of by our parents.
Though, I have lot of worries,
I know you are at peace!

I see the pictures of you carrying me, holding me, and feeding me
It sure is a loss to grow up without you
I will never know what I am missing, see
I always grew up without you!

I know I will see you one day
and we will rejoice holding hands
Until then, your body here lay
but your spirit with our Lord, dance!
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annie said...

Namrata says: It looks like Abigail knew she had a sister. So, her face looks sad because Hannah died.

HopeinChrist. said...

Thank you Namratha for that comment.I believe so to! Abigail's face is obviously sad!