Monday, October 6, 2008

Down the aisle, so gracefully!

Hannah is ready to walk down the aisle on her graduation and Mrs. Ashby is giving her last minute instructions. Hannah is full of smile and is ready for her walk. Later, at home she told me, " Amma I never want to do that again". Hannah always hated to be on the spotlight. She is shy, by nature. But she is equally competitive. She wanted to win, without being in the spotlight. She felt embarrassed when people congratulated her, on her achievements. I was working hard on getting her to say 'thank you' when somebody went out of their way to appreciate her.

when it was time for her to receive her diploma from the Principal, Hannah took a giant leap down from the stage and sure enough, she fell on her knees, right in front of Mrs.Keenan, her Principal. Mrs. Keenan gracefully pulled her up on her feet and handed the diploma to her. Walking down the aisle, Hannah was tearing up and did not give us her face, for the camera. She was truly embarrassed and somehow wanted to be done with it. The children after receiving their diplomas, lined up behind, and took their seats. I couldn't see Hannah from where I was sitting, and knew in my heart, something was wrong. I had this strange ability to pick up the mood of Hannah when she was emotionally disturbed. When nobody in our family could understand her, many times I understood the reason why she was frustrated or upset. I thank God for that ability that helped me 'into her heart' many times. So that day, I walked past the audience and made my way to where the kids were lined up and looked for Hannah. Not surprisingly, I found her in a corner turned away from the other kids and silently sobbing! My heart broke for a moment to see Hannah crying on such an important day. I quickly went near her and hugged her and comforted her. I told her it was OK and put her baby sister on her lap. I knew once the baby is on her lap, she will forget everything else. In a minute, Hannah became joyful and started playing again. I will never forget that sight of Hannah silently sobbing in the corner. It didn't need her anytime to tear up. We always wondered why her lacrimal glands were so active!!Sometimes I thought, she loved crying. From her babyhood crying was something she loved doing!As a baby, she stirred up the neighborhood on many occasions. I wonder, how she can survive in a land where there are no tears! I am assured, the Lord himself will wipe away all her tears. No more frustrations, no more pain, no more sorrows, no more tears,... in Heaven!.
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